Brewed with Horsepower



We've found some customer favorites and staples so we try to have these on tap at most times.

Citra Pale Ale ABV 6.0%/IBU 41

New England IPA ABV 6.0%/IBU 35

Raspberry Wheat ABV 5.8%/IBU 12

Peanut Butter Milk Stout ABV 5.3%/IBU 21

Munich Ale ABV 4.8%/IBU 16

Hefeweizen ABV 6.2%/IBU 15


Rotating beers and choices is the best way to keep things fresh and everyone on their toes.  We do our best to brew a variety of beers to complement the season and customer tastes.  Come by and see what's new!

Sour ABV 4.7%/IBU 5

Cucumber/Serrano Blonde ABV 4.0%/IBU 17

Blonde ABV 4.0%/IBU 17

Irish Red ABV 5.0%/IBU 28

Cream Ale ABV 5.8%/IBU 20

Coconut Milk Stout ABV 5.3%/IBU 21

Imperial Coffee Stout ABV 8.5%/IBU 45

English Bitter ABV 5.2%/IBU 36

Stout ABV 7.0%/IBU 60

Cream Ale  ABV 5.8%/IBU 25

Cherry Wheat ABV 6.5%/IBU 12

Porter  ABV 5.0%/IBU 45

Another IPA AVB 6.7%/IBU 50

Azacca IPA ABV %/IBU

Amarillo IPA ABV 6.2%/IBU 65

Cascade IPA ABV 6.2%/IBU 65

Black IPA  ABV7.8 %/IBU 78