Brewed with Horsepower



We've found some customer favorites and staples so we try to have these on tap at most times.

Citra Pale Ale ABV 6.0%/IBU 41

New England IPA ABV 6.0%/IBU 35

Raspberry Wheat ABV 5.8%/IBU 12

Peanut Butter Milk Stout ABV 5.3%/IBU 21


Rotating beers and choices is the best way to keep things fresh and everyone on their toes.  We do our best to brew a variety of beers to complement the season and customer tastes.  Come by and see what's new!

Sour ABV 4.7%/IBU 5

Cucumber/Serrano Blonde ABV 4.0%/IBU 17

Blonde ABV 4.0%/IBU 17

Irish Red ABV 5.0%/IBU 28

Cream Ale ABV 5.8%/IBU 20

Coconut Milk Stout ABV 5.3%/IBU 21

Imperial Coffee Stout ABV 8.5%/IBU 45

English Bitter ABV 5.2%/IBU 36

Stout ABV 7.0%/IBU 60

Cream Ale  ABV 5.8%/IBU 25

Porter  ABV 5.0%/IBU 45

Cascade IPA ABV 6.2%/IBU 65

Black IPA  ABV7.8 %/IBU 78

I plan to draw on my six years of professional brewing experience at both small and large craft breweries to produce consistently high quality beer at Mash Lab.  With an eye on both approachability and experimentation, I am excited for the opportunity to share my beer with you. 
           Ryan Joy, Head Brewer
With 12 taps, we will work to bring you fresh, exciting craft beer while mantaining customer favorites throughout the seasons.  Come by and see what's on tap today!