Our Story

Welcome to Mash Lab Brewing!

Founded in 2016 by hot rod enthusiasts Eric and Cristin Peratt, Mash Lab has grown into a welcoming, neighborhood hangout. Mash Lab started in some “extra” room in the Peratt’s nationally recognized hot rod shop, Pinkee’s with a 1 barrel brew system. Shortly, it advanced to a 3 barrel system and now boasts a 10 barrel brewhouse.

Eric and Cristin purchased the land next to the OG location (now “The Garage”) in hopes to build what is now the Mash Lab Brewing & Kitchen building. Jason and Heather Boockholdt partnered with the Peratt’s to bring that dream to reality in early 2020.

Jason and Heather moved from Maryland to Northern Colorado in 2019 looking for new experiences and that feeling only the Rockies can provide.  It was Mash Lab’s connection to the community as well as involvement with multiple area charities that initially attracted the Boockholdt’s.  It has been the customers turned friends that reminds them it was the right decision for their family.

We love our community and plan to continue to support it with charitable events, donations to kid’s teams, and a relaxing place to meet friends and family. Sit back, grab a drink, listen to some music, meet new friends and old, and get to know us. We are excited to get to know you. Cheers!